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I used to own a 2003 Buick Century Custom until someone who I loaned it to wrecked it. It is not the most stylish of cars but the lines and curves were timeless. Some might be wondering why I chose this car as "The Best Car For Road Trips," and I will say why in a moment. What I mean by "The Best Car For Road Trips," I mean it also for people who are on a budget or almost anything else. I drove my Buick Century up to the Poconos and all the way down to Williamsburg, Virginia. So, I might know a thing or two about taking road trips. The Buick Century offers a plethora of space everywhere inside. The trunk can hold a few suitcases and carry-on bags, jumper cables, and some tool boxes just in case of a break down. The seats in both the front and back are benches. This means that there is no center console and I didn't have to worry about being confined within my own space if there was such a giant piece of plastic in-between the passenger and I. Since there was ple…

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